advantages of computerized design

dizital paper pattern by

Because of the ability of the computer to make minute adjustments every element is digitally drawn to the exact measurement that is specified.

Should you wish to make more than one pattern immediately or years from now, the pattern will be exactly the same as the original.

Even the smallest changes can be made on the computer in minutes.

Grade rules can be stored for each style that you make

Whether you have lost a pattern or want to replicate an existing garment we can digitize it.

There is no room for a “slip” or human error when drawing or cutting a pattern
All patterns and components of patterns can be checked right on the computer

•No more torn or dog eared patterns
No more having to remake lost or damaged patterns
Save costly on inventory space

•You don’t have to remake an entire pattern in order to make changes. We store all your patterns
•You can have a disk that holds all of the information of every job that is done for you

•You will be able to transfer grade rules to new patterns
You will be able to change grade rules and see the results immediately

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digital paper pattern by idesign


Pattern making

A pattern is the core of the product development process. A pattern is the blue print or template used to cut out the fabric that makes the sample.  A good pattern has balance, accounts for fabric behavior and reflects your design accurately. In idesign Fashion Services we use computer patternmaking software to create our patterns, which are consequently printed on paper.

Our pattern makers will work with you to create the perfect fit. With extensive experience in all facets of the fashion industry, you can feel confidant that your patterns are created accurately and professionally to save you time and money.

We provide you with creative pattern making solutions to express your designs with expertise and ensure accurate samples and problem free manufacturing. Accuracy in pattern making, grading and specifications is essential for a smooth manufacturing process. We can also deliver CAD patterns in digital format directly to offshore manufacturers and clients.
Do not hesitate to call if you are interstate or overseas. We have extensive experience with interpreting designs and communicating with interstate and overseas clients. Our team can provide you with a customized service that ensures your designs become an easy manufacturing reality.


After a pattern is made and approved you will need grading. Find out below how we can help you with your production needs.

Grading is a mystery to many people. We can guide you through the maze and help you create industry specific or custom grading charts for your range. With experience in  women’s,  grading, our team of experienced pattern makers checks and double checks the process to ensure accuracy. For additional accuracy and precision all computer graded patterns are printed as a nest and only when checked and approved each size is printed separately. We are also happy to work with your manual or computer patterns, grading them according your production needs. We can also deliver graded patterns in digital format directly to offshore manufacturers and clients.

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